Minamur Chowdhury

on Text Technologies: The Changing Spaces of Reading and Writing



Cyber literacy vs. Text literacy

Text Literacy now gave birth of a new child, which could be known to us as “Cyber - Literacy”. Due to the tremendous advancement of technologies, we can expect a great change in the way human beings will learn in the future. It seems at the moment that we have developed a learning method with preserved knowledge that transcends the need to be Cyber-literate, and not text literate.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then how many words would a video clip be worth?


Bengali text understood by Bengalies ...

... but the picture above tells us all what does it mean.

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Minamur Chowdhury worked for Japan’s NTT, Canada's Corel Corporation and lately at NORTEL Networks in Ottawa, Ontario. As a student in Japan, he needed to learn the Japanese vocabulary. So he developed a software program to teach myself Japanese vocabulary using an old NEC PC. He ended up teaching Japanese students English vocabulary using his software built through a less than perfect BASIC language compiler. That was late 1985, students all over the city came to see his mechanical English tutor. With that software show and donation from Japanese businessmen he earned part of my tuition fee and living expenses while at University. He referred the software as his "Master Ai" where “Ai” affectionately referred to artificial intelligence. This was the beginning of his vision which was to eventually develop an artificial intelligence enabled teacher that would emulate human behaviours and provide customized knowledge to different levels of human learners. Currently, he is developing a new version of his old software call 'Ai Master", to know more about his work please visit http://www.aipath.com/version6.0/index.html

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